Passport Update

So, a quick little update.

A day after I left a message to call me back RE Passport and its costs, I got a phone call from the IPS. To be totally fair they called me back within 24hrs which is good enough.

The chap that called back was probably a phone operative. When I asked him where the money for a passport went, he told me that it went into the making of the passport and some when to the embassy.

This made me think he is making this up, so I asked for more information. Which Embassy? Can I get a discount for less pages because of the other family passports in the house, I’m the only one with any stamps on the page? If I have to pay for more pages, why don’t people get discounted for less?

He didn’t have any answers so I asked to be referred to somewhere I could find this information. He hung up.

To be continued…

Oh, and whilst I remember, £20 for a driving license update…. another sting!