Does it cost to go from a SIM to a microSim? urm…. No.

A micro sim from 3UK

A micro sim from 3UK

Recently in our Sony Ericsson Test Lab, the question popped up about micro SIMs. This came about because of the release of the Sony Xperia S, a cracking new phone for 2012 under the Sony only brand, check out the Sony Xperia S Demo here:

Anyway, no-one really had a definitive answer as to, if you swapped to this new handset or indeed any of the other handsets which requires a microSIM, do you need to keep in mind a fee for a new SIM card too? Well, I thought I’d just ask so using social media I posted the following question:

@OrangeHelpers if a customer wants to go from sim to micro sim, do you charge them?

@O2 if a customer wants to go from sim to micro sim, do you charge them?

@ThreeUKSupport if a customer wants to go from Sim to micro sim, do you charge them?

Job done.

Then just 15mins later, first out the blocks was Orange… (kudos Jon @ Orange) he said;

@itsnoel Hi. There may be a charge involved. Best speak to Sales on 08000792000 to check ^Jon

so not exactly an answer but still, this was rapidly followed up by a twitter follower who had gone thru that exact process. They are a locked user but this was the message for Orange users

@itsnoel I’m on a sim only 1month contract, I asked for a microsim and they gave me one free of charge.

So good news for you Orange people.

Next up 10 mins later were the 3UK team who gave me this:

@itsnoel Hi there, No charge if you’re swapping from standard to microsim πŸ™‚

Good stuff, especially as I’m on 3.

I’d forgotten to ask T-Mobile & Vodafone, (the latter because I knew they didn’t charge the former because I just forgot) but in the interests of a fair test, I asked them too (T-Mobile wasn’t asked until 1900hrs tho):

@VodafoneUK if a customer wants to go from Sim to micro sim, do you charge them? (as part of my twitter survey πŸ˜‰

@tmobileuk if a customer wants to go from Sim to micro sim, do you charge them? (as part of my twitter survey πŸ˜‰

Vodafone gave their response in just 4 mins… now that is no doubt way quicker than waiting in any of the customer service phone lines for sure! there answer again was its free…

@itsnoel Hi, no we wouldn’t charge. You would just need a new SIM πŸ™‚ ^ CT

So, that just leaves @O2 tut tut. πŸ˜‰ I’ve had a look on their website and you can request a free SIM in preparation for your new phone arriving. That is a normal sized SIM and a microSIM, you just pop it out when you come to needing it in your new phone. All round then, I think if you want a microSIM just get in touch with your service provider and you are good.

By the way, if you are wanting to go the other way, I’m sure its the same free process but just in case it isn’t, get a microSIM adapter for about Β£1.50. πŸ™‚

If there’s anything you can add to this then please drop a comment.


there you go @Deanoson

EDIT>> realised I didn’t stick the T-Mobile answer on…. and if you are a T-Mobile person, it’s not good. The only company to charge for a microSIM 😦

@itsnoel Hi there, if you were to buy a Micro SIM it would cost Β£10 from a T-Mobile retail store. ^Barry

and this from a fellow testlabber…

I just contacted 02. Free and they transfer the number! Yay!


Maximum Annoyance. (and the Xperia Launch) fwiw

Just wrote a piece on the Xperia Play launch tonight… hit the wrong X tab on chrome and BYE BYE text. Where is the auto save wordpress?

Will have to wait now till I ‘fess up on my thoughts of the Xperia Play Launch.

EDIT>> Update, been way busy to post on the night that never really was. So I’ll drop it here.

  • VIP night that wasnt really VIP. You queue up, you get in.
  • Dead poor product placement for an actual launch event
  • Could have been so much better
  • they ran out of beer, then had some more, then ran out again.
  • for all the badmouthing of Nokia that day, SE should take a leaf out of their book about organising parties πŸ˜‰

    In all seriousness, the launch event was a ‘damp squib’ but the actual Xperia Launch Day event for me was great. Meeting some like minded people and coming from the Finnish side of the fence was certainly interesting, so this coming year will really see whether SE are serious contenders in the Android world or just taking a bit part role. I picked up the Xperia PLAY device and I’m liking it for its purpose at the moment so I’ll get to posting about that when I can as Im too busy playing Battle Bears