Xperia Play Screen Cracked

//thanks to the android app this is now the 3rd time I’ve written this.

This morning, whilst sitting in the lounge a phone notification came through, so I went over the the stand that my phone was on to check it. To set the scene, this stand was a MASSIVE 2.5 foot high.

As I picked up the phone, it span in my hand a little and slipped. Gravity did its thing and the phone went directly down.

Opps I thought, and that was all I thought at that time. I’ve had many phones that I’ve dropped. Dropped on carpet, dropped on tarmac, dropped over 13ft from a shirt pocket up a ladder (that was a Nokia) down on to concrete ….. and they all survived with nothing more that a dint on the casing or in the case of the X6 that skipped down the tarcmac, a slight nick out the glass itself.

So on to this morning. After the HUGE fall of 2 foot, clearly something met the very edge of the PLAYs screen and this happened.

The hardest thing this could have hit is my pen lid, (which was metal) which was resting on top of the pad, so you can imagine my shock as I picked the phone up and turned it over. This is something of iPhone screen fail proportions!

Theres no way anything like this has been done it Sony Ericsson is there?!

It reminded me of this post too in which a Nokia N8 bit the tarmac.

The saving grace for the Xperia PLAY at the moment is that it still works due to the screen protector they add on.

I will be interesting to see what Sony Ericsson can do in this instant to see how easy it will be for the general consumer to get this type of mishap fixed. We shall see.