Thanks to my good buddy Baochi (below) I have updated this little bit 😉

I restarted this blog site after falling out of love with my other one. I wanted to get a little bit of a fresher direction as things were a bit Nokia focussed (and Sheffield Wednesday and VAG Group)

Anyway, I’m Noel (aka @itsnoel) and this is my 0111000001101001011001010110001101100101001000000110111101100110001000000111010001101000011001010010000001101001011011100111010001100101011100100110111001100101011101000000110100001010

I love a lot of things, but if you make me pick I am always interested in technology, most sports and of course discussion. I like to say what I think so I’ll post in the same way. Its just the way I think and as a straight talking Yorkshireman, you should expect nowt less 😉

Check out my about.me profile too if you share any networks


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